This Revolutionary New Face Tattoo Removal Is So Satisfying To Watch

Getting a tattoo on your face has to be up there with one of the more controversial things you can do in your life. Once you’ve tattooed your face, that’s it, it’s there forever. If you’re going to tattoo your face, you really have to be sure that it’s something you want to do, otherwise you have to deal with a lifetime of regret.

However, this man who did get his face tattooed, obviously wasn’t too sure about the design, as he is now paying hundreds of dollars to get it removed.

In the footage below, the man who has remained nameless, has pretty much the entire of the left side of his face tattooed. He can be seen sitting in a chair as the procedure of getting the tattoo removed begins. Amazingly, he doesn’t flinch throughout the whole thing (which is meant to be extremely painful), making it a mesmerizing watch and for some reason, strangely satisfying.

The video was uploaded onto the YouTube channel of Go! Tattoo Removal, and has since gone on to get over 230,000 views with many people criticizing the man for getting the tattoo in the first place, but also being intrigued by the procedure itself.

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