How Easy Is It To Hack Into An iPhone Camera?

“I’m in constant fear… but I’m also someone who watches porn on my work computer. So I guess I’m not that concerned!”

Can You Hack A Smartphone?

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Can You Hack A Smartphone?

"I'm in constant fear... but I'm also someone who watches porn on my work computer. So I guess I'm not that concerned!"


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Research: - Someone with physical access to your phone can download spying software from the internet onto your iPhone. -This software gives the hacker access to turn on your camera, read your text messages including deleted messages, listen to your phone calls, and find your location. -It is also possible to get hacked by accidentally downloading “malicious profiles,” also known as malware. -Malware can track keystrokes and control the hacked device, including reading and deleting emails, change contact details, and tap into phone calls. -You cannot detect malware on your phone. -Put a tape over your camera. -To protect yourself, always update your iOS software to the latest version as soon as you can. -some have found ways to gain access to information without entering a passcode at all. -Do not click on strange links that have been either sent to you through email or text or found on an unknown website. Do not open suspicious emails or attachments. -Utilize two-step authentication. -Do not perform sensitive activity on external, public, or insecure wifi networks.

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