Former Disneyland Character Becomes Plus-Size Model After Chance Discovery

When Bella Golden left a comment on the Instagram account of her idol, plus-sized model Iskra Lawrence, she didn’t realize that it’d change her life forever.

“I had been following her for a while and she posted something about body positivity, so I just commented something like ‘you look great girl’,” Bella explains to Cosmopolitan.

Watch Iskra Lawrence strip down on a subway to promote body positivity:


The next thing she knew, a modeling scout was asking to meet with her. “My profile was private but she followed me and then direct messaged me the next day asking if I was interested in modeling,” Bella recalls.

However, she was initially skeptical of this unknown user. “I really thought it was a scam at first because unless watching a lot of America’s Next Top Model counts, I had never done any modeling before.”

At the time, Bella was working at Disneyland in California as a character performer. However, it wasn’t anywhere near as glamorous as it sounds, for Bella wasn’t a Disney princess at the theme park. ”

When people found out I worked at Disneyland they would always ask me if I was a Princess but I wasn’t,” she said. “I was the one dressed in a full-on animal suit completely sweating.”

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