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The Ghosts and Demons Of Bobby Mackey’s:

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3 Horrifying Cases Of Ghosts And Demons:

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3 Real-Life Creepy Cases Of Ancient Aliens:

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The Ghosts and Demons Of Bobby Mackey’s

Is this haunted bar a gateway to the underworld?

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Smoke and Fog background
Face silhouettes
stamp 'Evidence'
Man in a suit walking down a hallway in black and white
Mag Glass
Open phonebook
Blank Certificate of Death, fill in your information
Room in the Mariinskaya Hospital where Fyodor Kokoshkin was murdered, Petrograd, Russia, 1918.
Heritage Images /Getty Images
upheaval/Getty Images
Josef F. Stuefer/Getty Images
Demon mask
DimaChe/Getty Images
Bloody Scalpel
Joseph Clark/Getty Images
Crime thumbprint illustration
Tacoma News Tribune/Getty Images
Close up of stressed businessman
Caiaimage/Chris Ryan/Getty Images
Dog Outside Abandoned Factory
Hal Bergman/Getty Images
Kirlian photograph of an abstract shadow
Natasha Seery/Getty Images
kitchen in restaurant
Blaise Haywardvv/Getty Images
Exorcist with burning bible
Arman Zhenikeyev/Getty Images
ILLUSTRATION: Identify theft
Contra Costa Times/Getty Images
Dillinger's Gun
FPG/Getty Images
A 'Deed
Eric Anthony Johnson/Getty Images
Quality Courts United Motel
Aladdin Color Inc/Getty Images
The Kray Gang On Screen
Richard Blanshard/Getty Images
outback shed
David Trood/Getty Images
USA, New York City, police car
SuperStock/Getty Images
the `slaughter cattle
ivan-96/Getty Images
Exterior view of horse racing, bingo, an
Hans Wild/Getty Images
Blackwater Well
majordesigns/Getty Images
Talk to the Wall
klosfoto/Getty Images
Concrete Well
KeithBinns/Getty Images
Noose hanging against black background
David McGlynn/Getty Images
Wooden cross with the figure of Jesus Christ, wooden handled brass bell
Philip Gatward/Getty Images
Holiday Finery
Paul Martin/Getty Images
Paul Martin/Getty Images
grunge background with smoke in shape of skull
pbombaert/Getty Images
Still life of a bottle of poison
Tetra Images/Getty Images
Vogue 1940
Horst P. Horst /Getty Images
Studio portrait of serious gangster
Image Source/Getty Images
Pigs hanging in the slaughter-house
Pinto/Getty Images
A man playing the slot machines
Ralph Morse/Getty Images
Fototeca Gilardi/Getty Images
Roulette Players
Arthur Rothstein/Getty Images
Boy Gangster
Charles Hewitt/Getty Images
Jake Freedman, owner of Sands Hotel, sporting fancy cowboy outfit at the roulette table at his establishment
Loomis Dean/Getty Images

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