19 Photos Of People Who Couldn’t Handle A Haunted House

Everyone is different, that is a fact. That is until you realize that we all react in similar ways when given a fright – we either fight or take flight. Nothing proves that better than these hilarious pictures taken at the Nightmare Fear Factory in Canada. It turns out that humans are rather pathetic creatures…

Despite having signed up to experience the haunted house, these people were clearly not prepared for what was inside. The photos, taken at the exact moment that the people were jumped on, make for amusing viewing.

Do you think you could have handled this situation better than these horrified guests? There’s only one way to find out…

1. Not so fast!

When you read about heroic people who have saved the lives of others in extreme situations, you think that you could do the same. But, all it takes is one quick jump at a haunted house to make you realize that the hero cape you’d considered buying is unnecessary.

2. Is that the best you’ve got?

We imagine that after this photo was taken, this boyfriend marched out of the premises and demanded a refund. Either that or his clenched fist came into contact with the cause of their scare.

3. I ain’t afraid of no ghosts

This dad didn’t see the harm in taking his son around the haunted house. What is the worst that could happen? We tell you what, you could look like a bigger baby than your child.

If you think these are tame, wait until you see this next one…

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