Revenge Porn Victim Commits Suicide After Sex Tape Is Turned Into A Meme

September 15, 2016 Billy 0

Since the dawn of the internet, cyberbullying has been an ever-present fixture of the online world. It makes sense: the internet allows bullies to post anonymously, resulting in the very worst of humanity posting all the things they would love to say in real life, but can’t. Online though, it’s a different ball game.

According to recent statistics, around 20 per cent of children who’ve been cyberbullied think about suicide, and one in 10 attempt it. But what about adults? Just like real life bullying, cyberbullying can follow you well into adulthood. Online trolls are well known for launching attacks aimed at celebrities and internet famous stars, but it turns out that regular people can find themselves a target for trolling too.


Take Tiziana Cantone, for example. The 31-year-old from Naples, Italy, was targeted by trolls after a private sex tape she’d made was published online by her ex-boyfriend. After they’d broken up, Cantone had sent the video – which showed her performing a sex act on a new man – to her ex. The video eventually went viral, being shared hundreds of thousands of times on social media and porn sites. Continue over to the next page for the full details of Cantone’s tragic story, but please be aware that many may find the details distressing.

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Gordon Ramsay Has His Pad Thai Ripped Apart By A Thai Chef

September 15, 2016 Billy 0

Gordon Ramsay is known for being one of the harshest chefs in the business. Hell’s Kitchen has been running for over a decade, over 16 glorious seasons full of bullying and tears. Ramsay’s built a multimillion pound empire from essentially being mean to people, and we can’t get enough of it.


But have you ever stopped to wonder if the all-knowing Gordon Ramsay has ever made a blunder of his own? Has any chef ever put his head between two slices of bread and called him an idiot sandwich?

As it turns out, Ramsay is not as immune to criticism as you’d think. Back in 2009, during an episode of the F-Word, Gordon cooked a pad thai for the executive chef of thai restaurant The Blue Elephant. It started off innocently enough, with Ramsay explaining his steps and frying up what looked like a delicious dish. However, Chef Chang didn’t agree. Head over to the next page to hear what he had to say. Clue: it wasn’t good.  

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Animals Captured In The Most Hilarious And Ridiculous Positions Ever

September 15, 2016 Billy 0

GETTING CAUGHT is never a good thing, believe me! But sometimes you’ve just got to hold up your paws and admit defeat. Animal fails are one of the internet’s biggest loves, and there’s no shortage of prime fail material for all you filthy fail addicts out there. For these pooches, we can’t help but laugh as they get themselves in all sorts of embarrassing situations.

If these animals could talk, I’m sure they wouldn’t be too happy about being the laughing stock of the entire animal kingdom. I mean, if you accidentally confused a woman with a lamppost and peed on her, would you be happy about the entire world knowing? I certainly wouldn’t…


26. Just Smile And Wave…

Amazingly, from looking at this pooch’s expression, he clearly doesn’t see any problem with the fact he’s stuck in a hedge. Maybe he’s just trying to play it cool until his owners get back? Until then, there’s no harm in just hanging around.

NEXT: This next pup found himself caught between a rock and a hard place…

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The Worst Sexting Disasters

September 15, 2016 Billy 0

For as much as we advance in technology, it just seems that we love to use it in very unsophisticated often bordering on silly, ways. From the monument to vanity known as selfies, to ridiculous memes that grossly misquotes popular media to the undying popularity of cat videos, we just love using tech more for a quick giggle than anything thoughtful.


Social media, especially, has taken this to a whole new art form. Time and again we hear about all sorts of shenanigans across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, the list goes on. But the madness is just at what people post on pages, but what they also send to each other.

Really want to test your faith in humanity? Click on the next page to see some of the hysterical messages.

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