Security Camera Catches The Moment Package Thief Breaks Leg Whilst Fleeing Scene Of Crime

February 16, 2018 Billy 0

Instant karma is a rare phenomenon. All too often it takes a long time for people to be served their just desserts, but eventually, justice finds its way home.

If you need any proof of that then just look at the fates of O.J. Simpson, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, who all got what was coming to them in the end.

But whilst high profile cases of karma hit the headlines on a near daily basis, behind the scenes, regular people are also having justice served to them. Like this UPS parcel thief, who had karma served to her in a neatly wrapped express delivery parcel…

The woman was caught on camera as she attempted to steal a freshly delivered parcel from a home in Lynnwood, Washington.

The footage shows the moment the UPS driver deposits the parcel, followed almost immediately by the woman who’d been lying in wait with her accomplice – the getaway driver.

What should have been a simple swipe ended up being a total calamity for the bungling thief, who was unable to navigate the wet grass whilst smuggling out the parcels.

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This Baby May Look Ordinary, But He’s Actually The Rarest Kind Of Miracle

February 16, 2018 Billy 0

Giving birth is a monumental moment in any mother’s life. It doesn’t matter that 251 babies are born every minute because your own bundle of joy is the only one that matters.

Except, for Malin Stenberg, motherhood truly was a unique experience. Stenberg and her partner Claes Nilsson, both from Sweden, were part of a pioneering project which saw their baby, Vincent, be born against the odds.

A year ago, Stenberg made history when she became the first woman in the world to give birth following a womb transplant. Baby Vincent was a true medical marvel, who paved the way for doctors to start experimenting with making the procedure more attainable for hopeful parents across the globe.

The 37-year-old mother, who suffers from Rokitansky syndrome, had given up hope of ever becoming a mother after she was told it was impossible for her to conceive. Stenberg was 15 years old when she was told that she didn’t have a womb, crushing her juvenile dreams of motherhood.

“I wasn’t ready to hear it, I couldn’t take it in. I thought that this means that I’ll never be able to carry a child of my own – but that is what women are made for. It felt so unfair. I loved kids and babies and I wanted to know what I had done to deserve this. I felt so alone.”

Having accepted the difficult news, Stenberg conceded that she would never carry a child. But when she met Nilsson, a 40-year-old former competitive golfer, Stenberg’s outlook changed.

Nilsson refused to accept that he’d never be a father, which opened the conversation between the pair regarding alternative birth methods. They looked into surrogacy and adoption before learning of a new method which was in its experimental phase…

That was when she signed up to partake in a pioneering project taking place at Gothenburg University. The project, which reads like the premise to the latest sci-fi movie, saw nine young women be given the wombs of other women. Most of the women were given the wombs of their mothers, who no longer required the organ.

But, Stenberg received her womb from a 61-year-old family friend, Ewa Rosen, who is Vincent’s godmother.  “She’s incredible,” Stenberg comments.”She’s really made a great contribution to other people in taking this step to be a donor without any payments or anything: just good will.”

The project came with multiple risks because previous attempts at womb transplants had all failed. But Stenberg was committed to succeeding.

After her donor womb was successfully transplanted, Stenberg underwent IVF treatment and became pregnant on her first attempt. Determined to give birth to a healthy and happy baby, Stenberg and Nilsson “walked on eggshells” during the pregnancy, until Vincent was born two months prematurely.

Now celebrating his first birthday, Vincent is a vision of health and happiness…

The tiny tot, with his thin wisp of blond hair and cheeky smile, is proof that there is still hope for those who cannot conceive. “Today it feels like we went from nothing at all to having this wonderful boy,” Stenberg said. “It’s more than 100 percent. We are more than happy with this. I couldn’t wish for more.”

Since Vincent, whose name is derived from the Latin ‘to conquer’, was born there have been several further successes. Four more babies – three boys and one girl – have been born via the same method, bringing hope to parent’s afflicted by pregnancy difficulties across the world.

Since the success of the project, other countries around the world have begun to commence with their own versions.

Despite their elation at becoming parents, Stenberg and Nilsson do not plan to have another child. In fact, Stenberg has had her donated womb removed for fears that a second pregnancy could be too dangerous for mother and baby.

Medical miracles occur on a daily basis and often go unrecognized. As technology quickly advances, so do cures for illnesses that have plagued the world for centuries. For example, watch this Parkinson’s patient defy his diagnosis thanks to a medical miracle:

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20 Guys Describe The Precise Moment They Felt Like Men For The First Time

February 16, 2018 Billy 0

Growing up, I was always trying to prove that I was a man (or at the very least, masculine). I guess it’s a symptom of youth, but most teenage boys are desperate to age quicker than human biology will allow. Obviously now, I realise that wanting to grow old is foolish – but back then I’d have done anything to jump from 14 to 18 as quickly as possible.

Most young guys achieve this by sneaking alcohol underage or smoking. Others do drugs or even turn to crime to make themselves feel less like boys and more like men. Of course, being a man cannot be achieved by doing anything as vain and meaningless as swigging a beer. After all, any idiot can have sex or smoke weed. Being a man takes an act far more substantial and with far more meaning behind it.

Thankfully, our friends over at Whisper have collated a list of confessions from guys who revealed the exact moment they first felt like a man – and it makes for very interesting reading.





















While some of the reasons on this list are as trivial as having sex or buying furniture, some are way more profound. For example, I can really associate with the man who mentioned giving advice to his father. Gaining the adult respect of my parents was something I craved for such a long time, and getting it was everything to me. I helped my sister get her first proper job, and I know my parents were very appreciative – and that was the first moment I really felt like a man.

For me, and a lot of the men on this list, it isn’t simple things that make you feel manly – it is something far deeper and more meaningful. Hopefully, when it happens to you (if it hasn’t already), you’ll feel the same.

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15 Whacky Pictures You’ll Wish You Were Able To Unsee

February 15, 2018 Billy 0

Sometimes, all it takes is somebody pointing out an innocuous detail for you to look at something a whole other way; particularly if the subject is something that you see often but never really bother to look at. There are plenty of ubiquitous logos and well-known cartoon characters that you never regard with more than a glance, but might look completely different from another angle.

There’s nothing we enjoy more than blowing your mind. That’s why we’ve collated these pictures that will totally change your perspective, and make you view some of your favourite childhood characters in a new light. So buckle up, because things are about to get really freaky!

1. Marvel or DC?

2. Is Fry really Jim Stark?

3. The Colonel’s bow-tie looks like a tiny body

4. Nelson is a future version of Barney

5. Angry birds characters are just muppet babies

6. Toad from Super Mario Bros has been flipping you off

7. Are Dawkins and Watson related?

8. Pokémon names are really dirty

9. Kirsten Stewart has been impersonating Yoda

10. There’s a surprised face on Galactus’ face

11. The last letter is lowercase

12. Nesquik looks like rabbit droppings

13. This Mario background behind Conan O’Brien

14. Joaquin Pheonix’s forehead looks like an upside down face

15. The cape behind God is a human brain

As bizarre as most of these pictures are, most of them have a logical explanation behind their secret meaning. But there are plenty of pictures out there which are just downright inexplicable, and don’t make sense no matter how you look at them. If you want proof then check out these 18 images guaranteed to make you question what the hell is going on.

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Students Sent Heartbreaking Messages To Their Families During The Florida Shooting

February 15, 2018 Billy 0

Mass shootings are taking place on an all too frequent basis. We are only 45 days into 2018 and there have already been 30 mass shootings in the United States, prompting many people to call for harsher gun control laws in an attempt to stop this problem.

The latest shock shooting took place yesterday in a Florida high school, killing at least 17 people.

The gunman, Nikolas Cruz, a 19-year-old former student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school, is now in police custody and has been booked with 17 accounts of murder.

During the shooting, students had no option but to barricade themselves in classrooms and cupboards around the school. As they were hiding from the gunman, they sent a number of heartbreaking text messages to their families.

Text messages that they feared could be their last words.

“If I don’t make it I love you and I appreciated everything you did for me,” wrote one terrified student.

Following the shooting, authorities have been looking into Cruz’s background to try and find out what could have motivated him to commit such an atrocity. They soon discovered that he had been expelled from the high school for “disciplinary reasons”.

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10 Things Only People Who Despise Other People Will Understand

February 15, 2018 Billy 0

It is a common misconception that people who don’t like other people are anti-social. In fact, we are very social, with an approved list of about 7 people we actually like. No offense to the rest of society, but life is short and we’d rather not spend it with people we can’t tolerate.

Every day is filled with forced interactions and conversations we’d rather not be a part of. People who get us understand that sometimes we are a witty delight and sometimes we’d rather just put our headphones in and avoid any actual human interaction.

That being said, there are certain things, only other people who hate other people, will truly understand:

1. Resting bitch face is your thing

The more unapproachable you look, the less chance there is of anyone approaching you.


2. There are like 3 people you can actually tolerate for long periods of time

Your favourite friend is the one you can watch 9 consecutive episodes of Dexter with, without exchanging a single word. The foundation of your friendship is built on a mutual dislike of other people.

Everyone else can only be tolerated on a bi-monthly basis for no longer than two consecutive hours at a time.


3. One of your talents is pretending to be interested in plans you actually have no intention of attending

Your absolute favourite thing is when people cancel plans. You pretend to be disappointed. Sometimes you even throw in a “don’t worry we’ll reschedule soon” for effect.


4. Friendly strangers are the devil

Small talk is your worst nightmare. Small talk with strangers is even worse; after all, why waste your energy on someone you’re never going to see again.

Chatty hairdressers, beauticians and nail technicians make the top of your irritation list, after all, why should a hair cut come with an obligatory 25 minute conversation about how terrible the weather is.


5. Sarcasm is your coping mechanism

All your pent up frustration comes out in the form of sarcastic comments. Which in your personal opinion is much better than the possible alternative of punching people in the face.


6. You often wonder why people can’t be more like you

You have mastered the art of minimal communication and as far as you’re concerned it’s working. You are awesome, hilarious and delightful, after coffee, over text, to people who actually care about what you have to say. Why can’t everyone else take a leaf?


7. You have zero tolerance for stupid people

The problem with stupid people is that they have no idea how stupid they are.


8. Texting is your favourite form of communication

You wish people would stop calling you, you don’t use your phone for that. In fact the only thing more annoying than unnecessary phone calls are Whatsapp group messages; you have to be in the right mood for them and that mood comes around almost never.


9. Children irritate you for no reason what-so-ever

Their energy and spirit drains you. You often wonder if child-free restaurants are actually a thing and keep mentally reminding yourself to Google it.


10. You are convinced certain people exist for the sole purpose of pissing you off

Everyone as a purpose in life. This must be theirs.

mission-accomplished gif

In our defense, we wouldn’t dislike most people, if people weren’t so ridiculously annoying. We have accepted that our everyday life is going to be filled with interactions which we can’t be bothered with. If everyone else could be so kind as to accept certain realities as well, we’d all get along just fine.

The fact of the matter is, we are going to take one or two days to reply to most texts, we won’t crack a smile before our morning coffee and this is JUST what our face looks like, for the love of God please stop asking what’s wrong.

Once all these things have been grasped, we’ll probably get along just fine, or at the very least, learn to co-exist.

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