24 Pictures That Are Guaranteed To Ruin Your Day And Stress You The F*** Out

April 18, 2018 Billy 0

One of the best parts about being a kid is that you’ve not got any real stress in your life. Sure, you might get upset when everyone else in the schoolyard has the latest pair of sneakers and you don’t, but, generally speaking, your life is carefree compared to when you’re an adult.

The moment you’re independent of your parents, you have a whole world of problems to navigate – like finding a decent job, making the rent each month, and maintaining a social life. With so many big stresses hanging over you, the little can ones seem that much greater too.

Check out the video below if you want to be stressed out immediately:


We all know what it’s like to have a seemingly small stress tip us over the edge as adults. The other day, for example, I bought a delicious looking bag of bagels only to discover that their sell-by date was the next day. Ergo, I’d just wasted some of my hard earned cash. Not cool.

So, without further ado, here are 24 pictures that are almost guaranteed to stress you out immediately…

1. This precariously balanced glass

It’s an accident just waiting to happen.

2. TVs should always be placed on a flat surface

I don’t like the idea of watching TV with my head tilted.

3. Talk about hanging on by a thread

Or, should I say, wire…

4. The most terrifying construction site you’ll ever see

How they even made this hole is beyond me.

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Courteney Cox Looks Unrecognizable After Letting Fillers Dissolve

April 18, 2018 Billy 0

We live in a world where people are constantly scrutinized for their appearances. While the body positivity movement has done a lot of good, there is no denying that no matter who you are, society still exerts a degree of pressure on you when it comes to the way you look.

Take a stroll down any high street, for example, and you will only see perfectly featured mannequins in store windows and almost every ad in existence features a model with picture-perfect skin and features, which is enough to make most people feel inadequate.

This pressure to look good is particularly great for celebrities, whose appearances are more scrutinized than most. Every fashion mishap they make is mercilessly taken apart in gossip columns and that’s not to mention the things they can’t easily change, like their skin.

Check out the video below where Courteney Cox explains how this affected her self-esteem: 


One of the many victims to this media epidemic is Friends star Courteney Cox. As she eloquently explains in the video above, being in the public eye meant that she felt greater pressure than most to consistently look youthful, despite the fact that she was getting older.

Having achieved international fame on Friends, which she was cast in when she was just 30 years old, the now 53-year-old grew older in the spotlight, and this led to her having cosmetic surgery in an attempt to halt the effects of aging on her face.

Instead of making Cox look younger, however, the work she had done had the paradoxical effect of making her look even older than she was, and, as she admits herself in the video above, resulted in photographs which caused her to think that he looked horrible.

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Psychic’s Alarming Prediction For World Domination By Vladimir Putin Has Been Unearthed

April 18, 2018 Billy 0

As tensions between Russia and Western nations continue to rise, Syria’s horrific seven-year civil war has almost become a stage for the world powers to show off their advanced arms and weaponry and military abilities.

Last Saturday, the US, UK, and France launched strikes against specific targets in three sites in Syria. This occurred after a week of warnings that the world powers would retaliate following an illegal chemical attack on civilians in Douma, a rebel enclave.

Learn more about how it all unfolded:


“I ordered the United States armed forces to launch precision strikes on targets associated with the chemical weapon capabilities of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad,” Trump said announced at the White House.

Air strikes from these three nations obliterated a Syrian chemical weapons factory, prompting Donald Trump and Theresa May to declare it as a “Mission Accomplished” and a necessary move as far as restoring peace in the Middle Eastern nation goes.

Unfortunately, the move has also served to provoke Russia, and more specifically, Vladimir Putin.

According to a statement which was released by the Kremlin: “Vladimir Putin, in particular, stressed that if such actions committed in violation of the U.N. Charter continue, then it will inevitably lead to chaos in international relations.”

Of course, the idea of creating “chaos” where international relations with Russia is concerned is something that the world powers want to avoid as far as possible.

However, according to one alleged psychic from Bulgaria, this won’t be possible. Her name is Baba Vanga and she is known as “The Nostradamus of the Balkans”.

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24 Powerful NSFW Photos That Show The True Beauty Of Childbirth

April 18, 2018 Billy 0

One of life’s greatest experiences is becoming a parent. Those fortunate enough to fall pregnant get to experience a journey like no other, which is filled with ups and downs, as they patiently await the arrival of a life that will change their own forever.

After spending nine months preparing for parenthood, mothers then have to give birth. While partners and family members are usually on hand to lend support, it can be a difficult and painful experience that leaves them shaken and emotional once it’s finally over.

Check out the video below for some powerful photographs of this special experience: 


To shed light on this experience, the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers (IAPBP) holds an annual competition for the best childbirth photographs. Featured in the video above are last year’s winners and featured below are this year’s.

What makes each of these images so incredible is that they all tell a story, documenting in a single image a journey nine months in the making. It’s impossible not to get a strong sense of how powerful this experience is, as well as the relief and joy it ultimately results in.

1. A celebratory kiss

Partners are overwhelmed with pride when women give birth, and so they should be.

2. Five brand new toes

It’s amazing what the human body can create.

3. Siblings meet for the first time

The first face this baby saw was a curious one.

4. It’s not just mothers who have something to smile about

Midwives play a crucial role in this journey too.

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Pregnant Black Soldier Attacked By 72-Year-Old Woman Over Parking Space

April 18, 2018 Billy 0

An incident that is being called both racist and sexist recently took place inside a Cheddars restaurant in Macron, Georgia. A 72-year-old woman has been arrested after she assaulted two female black soldiers. One of whom was pregnant.

The elderly woman, named Judy Tucker, became agitated after the two soldiers blocked her from entering a handicapped parking space. The incident was captured on camera by onlooker Lakeycia Ward, who uploaded the footage to social media.

Check out the shocking footage for yourself below:


Ward wrote, “This gentleman and his mom was hostile about the two soldiers not waiting for them to reverse back into their handicap parking spot for her handicapped husband instead they went around and proceeded to park in there own separate parking spot (sic).”

“So he then followed them inside the restaurant being verbally abusive calling them black lesbians shouting ‘The military lets lesbians serve?’ So at that point, I start recording and here’s the video (sic).”

Allegedly Tucker’s son called the two soldiers “gay black b****es”. In response to being told that one of the women is pregnant, Tucker shouted that her husband is handicapped. She can also be heard in the video yelling, “Put that phone down! You do not have the right to take a picture of me!”

Further footage shoes Tucker crying as she was arrested by police. She was charged with simple battery and was taken to Bibb County Jail.

She has since been released on bail.

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Teen Who Reportedly Sold Virginity For $1 Million Reveals Sordid Details Of What Really Happened

April 18, 2018 Billy 0

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you’ll have heard of the notorious Cinderella Escorts. The agency consistently hit the headlines after a number of young women came forward to reveal that they were selling their virginities through them for astronomical amounts of money.

These claims were backed up on the agency website with photographs of the girls holding up handwritten signs that read Cinderella Escorts as well as a number of scantily clad photographs. Each girl listed reportedly had to undergo a medical examination to prove her “innocence” too.

However, it has now been claimed that not all was what it seemed with Cinderella Escorts, which reportedly promoted a woman’s ability to chose what she wanted to do with her body. A former “virgin” has spoken out, saying that it was an elaborate ruse for sex trafficking.

Check out the video below where the 19-year-old reveals her shocking allegations:


While some might argue after watching the video above that Aleexandra Kefren should have known what she was getting herself into when she agreed to be interviewed on national television, her claims have been further substantiated by adult movie director Harriet Sugarcookie.

The director, who works for Sugarcookie.com, claimed that the publicity Kefren generated for Cinderella Escorts was used by its unscrupulous owner, Alexandros Kallinikidis, to encourage young and naive girls to get into seemingly one-time prostitution.

However, instead of being paid vast amounts of money for their virginity, and in some cases, as was reported, getting to sleep with A-list stars, they found themselves trafficked into sex work which could potentially see them sleep with eight men a night in European brothels.

Cinderella Escorts, however, has hit back at Kefren’s claims and said that the sale of her virginity was real, but it fell through at the last minute because she broke the terms of her contract with the agency by having a boyfriend.

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Man Shows Off Unbelievable Body Transformation In 12-Week Time-Lapse Video

April 17, 2018 Billy 0

Like so many of us, Hunter Hobbs of Norman, Oklahoma, made a deal with himself to get serious about his health and fitness for a 12-week period. He was curious to see what kind of results he could achieve in just three months, so he took a photo of himself every day during his transformation which began in January.

He stitched the photos together to create an unbelievable time-lapse video that will have you wanting to make a similar body transformation commitment. In only 12 weeks, Hobbs lost an impressive 42 lbs, going from an initial weight of 202 lbs to 160 lbs.

Check out the mesmerizing transformation for yourself below: 


Hobbs claims he worked out consistently five to six days a week, using a combination of weightlifting and cardio to achieve his results. However, he also revealed that it was his diet and not the workouts that was the hardest part of the challenge.

He says he ate only “chicken, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, salads, almonds, whey protein shakes, etc.” Hobbs also told the Daily Mail, “I also cooked all of my meals, brought my lunch to work every day and rarely ate out.”

“I initially tracked all that I was eating to get a better idea of how many calories, protein, carbs and fats I was taking in and then just stuck to the same stuff so I knew what I was eating,” Hobbs added. He also revealed that he gave up alcohol and soda completely and drank at least a gallon of water a day.

Hobbs says all the hard work was definitely worth it, but now that he’s completed his 12-week challenge, he plans to relax a little bit and enjoy life rather than deprive himself of the little indulgences he loves all of the time.

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Meet The Teenager Who Married A 72-Year-Old After Just Two Weeks Of Dating

April 17, 2018 Billy 0

There are few things that can get in the way of true love, but one thing that often causes complications is age. They may say that age is just a number, but when your lover is old enough to be a friend of your grandmother, it’s time to reevaluate whether it’s worth it.

One couple who did all the calculations and decided they liked their chances anyway are Gary and Almeda Hardwick. With 53 years between them, it’s safe to say that they are an unconventional couple, and that’s not to mention how quickly the pair decided to get hitched!

Watch them awkwardly answer questions in this interview gone very wrong:


Despite only being 19 years old, Gary claims to be madly in love with 72-year-old Almeda, whom he married after only two weeks of dating when he was only 17 years old in 2016.

The couple, who hail from Tennessee, first met at a mutual friend’s birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese’s, but it wasn’t until the funeral of Almeda’s 45-year-old son, Robert, that the two realized they had a connection.

In an interview with Barcroft TV, 19-year-old Gary revealed that it was “love at first sight” when he met Almeda:

“The first thing that attracted me to Almeda was her beautiful, gorgeous blue eyes, her personality, always full of laughter and we just connected so well. Everything was just, the chemistry was great. We had the same interests, you know, interest in music. Everything about her just captured my heart since day one.

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