WWE Hall Of Famer Reveals How He Suffered A Stroke During Sex

April 16, 2018 Billy 0

WWE Hall of Famer, Jerry Lawler, who is better known as “The King”, has recently revealed that he suffered a stroke last month while having sex with his fiancée, Lauryn McBride. The 68-year-old described the terrifying event on his podcast, called Dinner With the King.

This is not Lawler’s first health scare. Check out this video below for an exclusive look at what happened the night Lawer suffered a cardiac arrest live on air:


He told his listeners that the health scare occurred while he and his partner were “expressing love for each other in a certain way.” Lawler says he got up and realized something wasn’t right.

McBride noticed immediately that Lawler was having a medical crisis after his face began to droop and he became unable to speak clearly. He explains what happened in his own words below:

“I got up and I said something to Lauryn and I didn’t really feel anything, and she said, ‘What did you say?’ And I realized then that whatever I said didn’t sound right, and then she looked at me — we made eye contact — and she said, ‘Oh my God, Jerry, go look in the mirror.’

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Women Around The World Are Paying A Fortune For “Designer Nipples” Like Kendall Jenner

April 15, 2018 Billy 0

This summer, the hottest fashion accessory is not a pair of Gucci sunglasses, or a pair of Prada loafers. In fact, the must-have item can’t even be bought in Barneys or Bloomingdales. Why? Because the latest trend is not something that can be bought with your daddy’s credit card.

The trend has already received a great deal of support from supermodels such as Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid. But they’re only taking inspiration from your favorite ’90s stars who were the first to bring the trend to prominence, from Jennifer Anniston to Kate Moss, it’s a style which has been very Vogue since day one.

Here is an exclusive peek of this summer’s hottest look…


Possessing ‘designer nipples’ is the latest trend to surge through Hollywood as the image-conscious of this world work to make every element of their body picture perfect. So put your store loyalty cards away, this trend is sold exclusively by your local cosmetic surgeon.

As more and more celebrities opt to go braless on the red carpet, plastic surgeons are seeing a dramatic rise in the number of women coming to them for the perfect perk.

“I love Kendall Jenner, and I love that she just doesn’t wear a bra. You can’t see her nipples, but you can see the pointiness,” 28-year-old Susan, a ‘designer nipple’ customer, explained to The New York Post. “I think there’s something really sexy and feminine about it.”

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Plus-Size Blogger Has Perfect Response To A Security Guard Who Told Her To Cover Up

April 15, 2018 Billy 0

If you’ve ever been to Las Vegas then you know the strip is filled with scantily clad models wearing a variety of provocative outfits, so when model Anna O’Brien wanted to do a photoshoot in a bikini, no one should have batted an eye, right?

Want to see more of Anna? She’s got her own YouTube channel and recently posted about her wonderful experience with ModCloth. She even modeled one of their new rainbow bikinis from this season’s swimwear collection. Check it out below:


Wrong! The plus-size model and blogger, who is better known as Glitter and Lazers, was promptly asked to cover up or leave. The whole thing went down in the lobby of a hotel, which Anna had previously asked for permission to shoot in.

She was planning to take a few editorial photos for a new swimwear look book, so obviously needed a couple pictures of herself in various bathing suits. She emailed her hotel’s PR team to ask that it would be okay and explained her situation.

“I asked to shoot swimsuits with a professional photographer and included my media kit,” Anna said. “I received a reply stating that I was welcome to shoot anywhere in the hotel except the casino floor, provided I had no large equipment.”

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Creepy Hidden Map Inside Your iPhone Is Secretly Tracking Your Every Move

April 15, 2018 Billy 0

Data privacy has consistently been in the headlines since news of Facebook’s colossal data leak broke in March. That’s when it emerged that the social networking website had sold the data of over 50 million users to Cambridge Analytica, a political data analysis firm.

Because of this leak, Facebook could have, quite literally, used targetted ads to influence the outcome of the 2016 election. As a result, users of the website have been abandoning it in droves, and its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, is being questioned at length by Congress.

However, it turns out that Facebook is not the only major corporation to be exploiting its user’s data. While it’s no secret that Apple’s iPhone has advanced mapping technology, few people know that their phones are keeping track of their every move through a hidden feature.

Check out the video below to find out more:


Introduced in 2013, the Frequent Locations function keeps tabs on where iPhone users go and often they go there. Having accessed the map for myself for the first time today, I was shocked to see the sheer amount of data it had recorded about me without my knowledge.

It’s also worth noting that the map doesn’t just record where you are and when, it even keeps tabs on how long you are specific locations, which is obviously information that could be used maliciously against you if it fell into the wrong hands.

Thankfully, however, it is possible to turn this disturbing feature off.

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Model Loses Her Sight After Illegal Surgery To Change The Color Of Her Eyes Gets Botched

April 15, 2018 Billy 0

There are few elements of the human body which have been left untouched by plastic surgeons. With body modification now more popular than ever, it’s hard to sometimes see where the line should be drawn.

A good place to start, however, is with illegal procedures. Why? Because accepting the work of an unqualified ‘surgeon’ is always going to end in tears – something Instagram model, Nadinne Bruna learned quite literally when she attempted to have the color of her eyes surgically adapted.

Watch this video to see some of the biggest plastic surgery fails of all time…


The 32-year-old internet star was left with the vision of a 90-year-old woman after the procedure was botched by surgeons in Columbia.

Bruna, who has one million followers on Instagram, flew from her home in Miami, Florida to Columbia for the surgery which is illegal in the US.

She paid an eye-watering $3,000 to have her naturally hazel eyes turned light grey, as part of a discounted deal offered by the surgeon who was impressed with her enormous presence online.

Hopeful that his work on the Argentinian model would be flaunted on Instagram, the surgeon no doubt had dollar signs in his eyes as he imagined people queuing up for the same procedure.

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Man Loses Both Legs, Parts Of His Face And Five Fingers After Playing With His Dog

April 14, 2018 Billy 0

One of life’s greatest pleasures is playing with dogs. They offer us humans their unconditional love and friendship and ask for nothing in return. It’s no wonder that they’re called man’s best friend. However, what should have been harmless fun ended in tragedy for dog owner Jaco Nel.

While playing with his dog, the 50-year-old from Chorlton, Manchester, obtained a small cut. As I’m sure most dog owners can attest to, this is nothing unusual. Dogs can get feisty when playing with their owners, especially if it’s tug of war, and Jaco brushed it off as nothing serious.

But horrifyingly, Jaco ended up developing a life-threatening condition as a result of this cut after it became infected with his cocker spaniel’s saliva. Jaco developed sepsis, which affects a million Americans every year, and 15 to 30 percent of them do not live to tell the tale.

Check out the video below to discover the symptoms of this terrifying illness:


“I started to feel hot and cold. I was shivering yet I could not get warm,” said Jaco. “My whole body was aching. I thought it was the flu so I went home to bed.”

However, it wasn’t long before Jaco’s condition took a dramatic turn for the worse and that was when his partner Michael called an ambulance.

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Former Disneyland Character Becomes Plus-Size Model After Chance Discovery

April 14, 2018 Billy 0

When Bella Golden left a comment on the Instagram account of her idol, plus-sized model Iskra Lawrence, she didn’t realize that it’d change her life forever.

“I had been following her for a while and she posted something about body positivity, so I just commented something like ‘you look great girl’,” Bella explains to Cosmopolitan.

Watch Iskra Lawrence strip down on a subway to promote body positivity:


The next thing she knew, a modeling scout was asking to meet with her. “My profile was private but she followed me and then direct messaged me the next day asking if I was interested in modeling,” Bella recalls.

However, she was initially skeptical of this unknown user. “I really thought it was a scam at first because unless watching a lot of America’s Next Top Model counts, I had never done any modeling before.”

At the time, Bella was working at Disneyland in California as a character performer. However, it wasn’t anywhere near as glamorous as it sounds, for Bella wasn’t a Disney princess at the theme park. ”

When people found out I worked at Disneyland they would always ask me if I was a Princess but I wasn’t,” she said. “I was the one dressed in a full-on animal suit completely sweating.”

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