Here’s How Wearing Socks In Bed Can Actually Improve Your Sex Life

November 30, 2016 Billy 0

I’m sure I count among the minority, but I don’t particularly have a bedroom routine. In my journey to the land of nod, I take many paths; the flop atop the duvet, the tossing and turning, the book-reading as Sade quietly plays in the background… as long as I wake up the next day with a jolt and an urgent need to pee, I don’t think too much about what I do in the interim. One constant for me in all of that is the fact that once I get comfortable in bed, I kick off my socks before I can get to sleep.


This leads to a lot of lost socks, but more importantly, is it affecting my sex life? Probably not my sex life, as the only time I share my bed is when I can’t be bothered to put away my laundry, but could being barefoot in bed be bad for anything besides your sock budget? Researchers at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands say it might even help you when you’re in bed… but you aren’t doing much sleeping. That’s a pretty bold claim, researchers. My laundry pile and I are very interested in hearing what you have to say. Turn to the next page to find out how sleeping with socks on could benefit your health… unless you’ve got cold feet. 

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What Cops Found In Secret Attic Room Will Go Down In American History

November 30, 2016 Billy 0

When the police forces were given permission to raid this man’s house, nobody involved was really sure what they were going to discover. But after finding the attic room above the house, it became clear why this man’s home had been custom built – and it was hiding one of the biggest secrets a house could possibly hide. The police knocked down a thin attic room wall that had been specifically designed to hide something.

However, nobody expected to uncover one of the biggest criminal hoards in American history…


20. What Was In The Red Barrels?

The DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) team were the first to sniff a rat when inspecting the “businessman”. Luis Hernandez-Gonzalez lived in North Miami, and nothing about his humble gardening equipment store or lavish lifestyle quite added up, and the DEA knew it. After receiving a little tip-off, their suspicions reached their peak, and officers went to investigate.

NEXT: The start of the investigation…

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Girl Who Played Matilda In Theatre Production Now Needs Urgent Surgery

November 30, 2016 Billy 0

There are a lot of good stories out there, but very few were as important to me growing up as Roald Dahl’s Matilda. Even though the original novel was written way back in 1988, it’s still a terrific children’s book with all of Dahl’s trademarks; larger-than-life characters, plenty of wit and imagination and his signature black comedy.

But it was the character of Matilda herself that most appealed to me: polite and retreating, a total bookworm but with a bold sense of justice, Matilda was the first person I encountered in fiction who made being a nerd cool – and she beat Hermione Granger to it by nine years.


Since the book’s publication there have been dozens of adaptations, including a film directed by Danny DeVito and starring Mara Wilson and more recently it was turned into a London stage musical with the Royal Shakespeare Company, featuring music by Tim Minchin and starring 10-year-old actress Lucy-Mae Beacock.

Beacock, the little girl who brought the character to life so vividly back in 2010, received critical acclaim for her portrayal of the young heroine. However, instead of going on to pursue more roles in theatre and dance, the girl, now aged 14, has been held back by a spinal condition which has affected her whole life. Doctors have warned that this could mean the end of her acting career. Now Beacock’s family have taken to the internet to raise funds for a life-changing operation. To learn more about the plight of this talented young actress, head over to page two.

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Introducing The YouTube Music Viral Charts

November 30, 2016 Billy 0

Today we’re launching another charts feature on, called Viral Videos, where we’ll be spotlighting 50 music videos that are catching fire on YouTube each week. This is in addition to charts we’ve launched that show you the most popular tracks, artists, and music videos on YouTube.

To give a sense of the breadth of genres and artists that comprise the Viral Videos chart, we’ve put together a recap of the top 10, below:

1. Britney Spears ft. Tinashe -“Slumber Party”

The Princess of Pop ascends to the top of this week’s Viral Chart with the second single from her 2016 album Glory.

2. Kehlani – “Distraction”

Following up her immensely successful mix tapes, Kehlani’s “Distraction,” the second single from her upcoming debut album, SWEETSEXYSAVAGE, is in the second spot.

3. Shakira ft. Maluma – “Chantaje”

With the help of YouTube’s sizable Latin viewership, Shakira’s “Chantaje” lands at #3.

4. Lil’ Yachty ft. Quavo, Skippa da Flippa – “Minnesota”

The newly released video for “Minnesota,” the second of the two tracks that garnered Lil’ Yachty tremendous attention in 2015 (the first is “1 night”), is the fourth-most viral music video this week.

5. Noah Cyrus ft. Labrinth – “Make Me (Cry)”

Noah Cyrus continues to set herself apart from elder sister Miley with this Lana Del Rey-esque ballad, at #5.

6. Pentatonix – “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”

Pentatonix’s characteristically polished five-part harmony of a traditional English carol, “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen,” is gaining traction in time for Christmas.

7. Ariana Grande ft. Nicki Minaj – “Side to Side” (Live From The 2016 American Music Awards)

Ariana Grande’s American Music Awards performance of the immensely popular “Side To Side” — the track received over 500 million views in under 3 months — was one of our most viral videos last week.

8. Piko Taro – “PPAP vs AXEL F”

Piko Taro’s viral “Pen Pineapple Apple Pen” meets Harold Faltermeyer’s “Axel F,” the classic 80s track featured in Beverly Hills Cop.

9. OK Go – “The One Moment”

OK Go maintain their tradition of releasing some of the most imaginative videos on YouTube with “The One Moment.” It’s also the newest video in our Viral Chart top 10, released on Nov. 24.

10. Grace VanderWaal – “I Don’t Know My Name”

Grace Vanderwaal is the youngest artist on our Viral Chart this week. The twelve-year-old ukulele player and singer-songwriter debuts the video for “I Don’t Know My Name,” made up of her fans’ artwork, at #10.

To check out the rest of the Top 50, head over to the YouTube Charts page and click the Viral Videos tab.

New Homeowners Discover “Treasures” Hidden Underneath Secret Trap Door…

November 29, 2016 Billy 0

Moving into a new house is always an exciting, but expensive part of anybody’s life. However, imagine how handy would it be if that new home was hiding a little something that provided you with a small fortune to help with the costs. Well, that’s exactly what happened to Imgur user CzarMatt, when he and his wife moved into their first home in Wisconsin.

I don’t know about you, but when I moved into my first home, the only thing the previous owners left me was some old furniture and damp. However, after Matt’s wife noticed a square-shaped panel on the floor, they soon realized they were standing on buried “treasure”…


18. The Hidden Panel

In the midst of a chaotic move, Matt placed some boxes down inside a cupboard. But after taking a closer look, his wife noticed the square online of a removable panel. The move was placed on pause, as the anxious couple decided to investigate what was hiding in their new home.

NEXT: It’s time to move those boxes out of the way…

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Plane Carrying Brazilian Football Team Crashes, Killing 76

November 29, 2016 Billy 0

A plane carrying members of Brazil’s Chapecoense football team has crashed in central Columbia, killing 76 people including 22 players, 21 journalists and the plane crew. According to reports, the plane lost contact with ground controllers around midnight and tried to make a forced landing.

Colombian Police have just confirmed that of the 81 people on board the plane, 76 people have died and five are still alive. Earlier reports claimed there were six survivors, but sadly, one of the six later died in hospital.


The complete list of the dead has not yet been released by authorities. Varying reports have suggested that defender Alan Ruschel, along with goalkeepers Jackson Follman and Marcos Danilo Padilha, may have survived, as well as physiotherapist Rafael Gobbato. The following snap from social media shows Danilo and Ruschel were sat next to each other on the flight.


The last known picture from inside the plane, which has been shared widely on social media, shows players, officials and crew members preparing for takeoff.


The team’s vice president, Ivan Tozzo, told SportTV: “There are a lot of people crying in our city, we could never imagine this. Chapecoense is the biggest reason for joy here.”

The team was heading to Columbia for the final of the Copa Sudamericana, one of the biggest competitions in South American football, against Columbian team Atletico Nacional. The South American Football Confederation has announced it’s suspending all activities following the crash.

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