Here’s What Would Happen In The Event Of A Nuclear War In 2017

October 29, 2016 Billy 0

Even though the Cold War is long gone, new tensions between the United States and Russia have done little to lessen the prospect of nuclear war. Burnt lands, decimated cities, great hordes of mad survivors ripping limbs all around, we’ve often speculated and pondered what nuclear annihilation might eventually look like.


Needless to say, it’s never been peachy. With such fears come preparations, like building fallout shelters, and efforts to calculate when and where such attacks could happen. But how can you, the average Joe, learn what could spell our destruction ahead of time? Turn the next page to learn about a curious website.

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A Rare Look Inside The Bunker Where Adolf Hitler Committed Suicide

October 29, 2016 Billy 0

Few people personify the concept of evil like Adolf Hitler. From lowly painter and soldier, this man would rise to lead Germany in the 1930s, ignite a world war, and slaughter millions in death camps. Every type of social evil, from prejudice and corruption, to fanaticism and eugenics among others, would form tenants of his reign of terror.


Fittingly, Hitler’s own death came in a pathetic form: hiding from the war in a bunker in Berlin, rotting away from illness and exhaustion. This formed the basis of the award winning drama Downfall, which in turn, birthed the Hitler Rants memes. But Fegelein, fish and pointless informing aside, what was the bunker actually like? Click on the next page to learn how one Berlin museum is showing it.

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NASA Find That There’s A Huge Black Hole On The Sun

October 29, 2016 Billy 0

I’d like to give a shoutout to everyone having a bad day. Whether your train got delayed on the way to work, your pet died, or your significant other is giving you grief, you can flop on the sofa with a cup of hot chocolate, and remember that tomorrow’s going to be a better day. You’ll wake up, and realise that no matter what day it is, the sun will rise, and the sun will always shine.


Er… what’s that on the sun there? It… it looks like intergalactic villains are slowly draining it of its energy. It looks as if the sun is becoming a black hole, or that a deadly wave of radiation is going to obliterate Earth. Forget what I said earlier: find your loved ones, do what scares you, ask that girl out on a date because the sun is doing something really weird and there’s no explanation for it. Is there? Let’s ask NASA what they think. Find out if all life on Earth is doomed on the next page.

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Halloween ‘16: Clown Sightings, Harley Quinn Costumes, and Other Trends

October 28, 2016 Billy 0

Whether it’s decorations or costumes, YouTubers take Halloween very seriously. As big fans of the holiday, we’ve been closely watching the biggest Halloween trends of 2016.

Clown Sightings

Prior to this year, the fear of clowns was a relatively niche phobia that served more as a topic for humor than a widespread phenomenon. Yet this fall, we’ve observed a sudden increase in clown-related content on YouTube:

The impetus for this trend? Clown sightings. YouTubers have been uploading footage of solitary clowns frightening passersby in droves, and as news of these unnerving encounters has spread, so have views of clown-related videos.

Although bizarre clown sightings are reported as far back as 2014, their sharp increase only goes back to late August this year. The real peak, however, occurred on October 15th, after hundreds of news stories.

Harley Quinn, ‘The Purge,’ and Clown Costumes
As clowns have become prominent, so too have clown costumes: “clown” has become one of the most searched-for costumes on YouTube this October.

Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn
  • Costumes inspired by this year’s video games, such as “Overwatch” (released in May ‘16) and “Five Nights At Freddy’s” (the latest installment of which was released this October), are also in the top 10.

Other Halloween 2016 Trends

Celebrities Who Were Forced To Make Terrible Career Choices Before They Found Fame

October 28, 2016 Billy 0

Very few celebrities have the joy of being discovered at a young age, enjoying enough success to generously fun the rest of their lives. No, like most of us, our favorite stars have also had to live through hard times; struggling to make payments and feed a family when they couldn’t rub two pennies together.

The following celebrities certainly felt the financial pressures before finding fame, and did all sorts of things in order to pay the bills! From pawning to stripping, these are the celebrities who did all sorts of humiliating jobs just to save them from starvation.


34. Amy Adams – Hooters Waitress

We know her best from shows like American Hustle, and as the innocent Princess Giselle in Disney’s Enchanted. However, would you believe that our favorite princess worked in Hooters as a hostess when she was just 17-YEARS-OLD, and went on to spend a month waiting on tables when she turned 18. Not exactly the dreams you want your daughters to have…

NEXT: Which former governor found himself posing for top shelf magazines?

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