11 New Year’s Resolutions That Were Made To Be Broken

January 3, 2017 Billy 0

As we start a new year yet again, I find myself blighted left, right, and centre with one unavoidable question: “Have you made any resolutions?” This question is usually directed at me by people who have their life well and truly together, often with a tone of condescension and pity.


If you’re the kind of person who can’t even decide what to make for dinner this evening, then being forced to make a resolution that could affect your entire year is pretty much an impossible task. But hey, don’t worry, because the following handy list details exactly why you don’t need a single one of your resolutions.

1. I will sign up to the gym

No one likes going to the gym. It’s boring, difficult, and takes time out of our busy schedules. Instead, why not try simply walking, running, or cycling to and from work? Or why not give a YouTube HIIT class a try? You’ll save time, money, and save yourself from the endless comparisons with fit, toned, jealousy-inducing gym bunnies.


2. I will eat less chocolate

OK, OK, so giving up your three-Hersheys-a-day habit probably is a good idea after all. But did you know that dark chocolate with a cocoa percentage of 70 plus is genuinely, scientifically good for you?


3. I will find a boyfriend/girlfriend

If you’re desperate to find love in time for Valentine’s day, actively searching out that person who fits your 1,093,094 requirements for the perfect partner is the very worst thing you could do. Instead, spend time engaging in activities you actually enjoy doing, and you never know who you might meet.

4. I will quit drinking

Unless you have a serious problem with alcohol, having a few drinks with friends every now and again won’t hurt. Instead of resolving to go cold turkey, why not just cut out those horrible binge drinking-related hangovers?


5. I will try harder at work

If you’re having to make this resolution, it probably means your job bores you to death. People who actually enjoy their chosen profession are more likely to work hard and reap the benefits. Instead, why not resolve to quit your job and find something you actually enjoy doing?

If you’ve resolved to quit social media, stop eating pasta, or to lose weight, then I’d suggest heading over to the next page sharpish.

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What This Man Created Out Of Scrap Wood Is Truly Beautiful

January 3, 2017 Billy 0

It’s no secret that year after year, with the increase of buildings and city pollution as well as the creation of more urban areas, nature has been kicked out of its own home. There are less trees for animals to live in, less watering holes for nature to reside by, and the wildlife that was once so prevalent in our towns has begun to flee due to lack of habitat.

Well a man named Thomas Dambo decided enough was enough, and collected scrap wood to make birdhouses all over the cities across the world. Over the last seven years, he has made more than 3,500 birdhouses in total!


16. The Birdhouse Project

Thomas Dambo believes that animals should still be able to live in the cities, and the importance of birds having a home to shelter in within the city might help keep the nature living there. His main statement about the project is that “the project is both about creating a shelter for birds, and also about reminding us that it’s important to leave room for birds in the urban world.”

NEXT: Take a look at Thomas hard at work during his incredible creations…

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Photos Of Fathers Posing With Their Daughters For ‘Virginity’ Are Too Creepy For Words

December 31, 2016 Billy 0

It’s an uncomfortable truth, but many cultures throughout the world are inordinately obsessed with the notion of the virginity of young women. In my opinion, the only person who should care about that is the young woman herself. After all, it’s her body and she has every right to do what she wants with it. A person’s virginity is no measure of their worth or value, whether they be male or female, and to think otherwise seems illogical to me.

However, despite that there are still various cultures in which virginity is a serious business, and I’m not just talking about some far flung country you’ve never heard of. Even in the Western world there are some groups of people who have this slightly creepy obsession with keeping young girls “pure” and virginal, even at the expense of their sexual needs or emotional development.


In psychoanalytical theory this bizarre mindset is known as the “Madonna-Whore Complex” –  a form of misogyny whereby women are only thought of as pure, moral and sexless or depraved, evil nymphomaniacs. This cognitive bias can be found in many seemingly-ordinary families in America, manifesting itself in the form of  “purity balls” where daughters pledge their virginity to their fathers until marriage, and symbolically dress in white gowns.

For the majority of people these practices seem too weird and conservative to believe, and yet now a photographer has managed to create a stunning collage of images of these events, and it’ll either make you angry, confused or just plain nauseous. Shoot over to page two to check out the images, 

The post Photos Of Fathers Posing With Their Daughters For ‘Virginity’ Are Too Creepy For Words appeared first on Viral Thread.

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