Top Celebrity Holiday Destinations That You Can Visit!

November 25, 2016 Billy 0

Planning your next trip abroad? Or just dreaming of that holiday destination that you’ve always wanted to visit?  Or maybe you just fancy a little break, a little bit of you time? We all deserve that! So what you might like to know, is that we don’t always have to stay at the most expensive of places to obtain the luxuries that our celebrity stars do.

The beaches, the holiday resorts, we can all visit them too! But if you want to check out where these celebrities hang out, prepare to daydream about these spectacular places, hotels and mesmerizing beaches, as well as the warm weather! I’m already planning my next travelling destinations as I type, and let me tell you, writing this article completely influenced by holiday decision…


16. Punta De Mita, Mexico

This stunning 1,500-acre beachfront village is the perfect retreat for all of those celebrities who just don’t want to be spotted roaming around the city. So if you want to hang with the stars, your next trip has got to be to Punta De Mita off the West coast of Mexico. Enjoy the warm climate, the delicious Mexican dishes and most of all, the incredible beaches all hidden amongst the best resorts around. The most recent celebrities to have been spotted here multiple times are Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, Hilary Duff and Kirsten Dunst, so you might just make a new friend to chill in the pool drinking cocktails with!

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The Most Outrageous Celebrity Wedding Gifts Ever

November 25, 2016 Billy 0

What do you get the celebrity who has everything? Seriously though, if you’re a guest at a celebrity wedding –  or even if you’re one of the famous faces tying the knot – what could you possibly get them that they don’t already have?!

We’re here to help you out for your next celebrity wedding engagement with some inspiration from those who’ve gone before you. The only thing I’ve learnt from this list that I can share with you is that famous people are absolutely mental. From a $9 million house in the English countryside to a whole cricket team, this time a toaster isn’t going to cut it guys…


15. $450,000 Customized Ferrari – Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries

Back in the days before soon-to-be President Kayne West, Kim Kardashian was head over heels in love with NBA player, Kris Humphries. The lovebirds were given a pimped out $325,000 Ferrari – one of only 27 in the US – by a wealthy Malaysian businessman who attended their ill-fated nuptials in 2011. Why don’t I have a wealthy Malaysian business friend? Anyway, when the eight-week marriage broke down, Kim announced she would be donating the wedding gifts to the Dream Foundation – but according to sources, she apparently “forgot” to include her new blinged out motorcar. Fair play Kim, I’d want to keep that too!

NEXT: Kim’s second husband completely blew Kris out of the water!

The post The Most Outrageous Celebrity Wedding Gifts Ever appeared first on Viral Thread.

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