These Girls Sure Can Comic Con

July 24, 2017 Billy 0

What started out as a gathering of basement dwelling nerds dressed up like their favorite super heroes has since evolved into the wonderful freak show that is Comic Con.  Much like Halloween it has become an excuse for girls (who may or may not be strippers in real life) to dress as slutty as possible while still attempting to maintain just the slightest shred of personal dignity.  It usually doesn’t work but we appreciate the effort… and the cleavage.

Here are some pictures of girls dressed like characters most of us have never heard of but now suddenly want to have sex with.

I now totally get Star Wars


She’s selling herself short… 2 thumbs up.


Carpet match the drapes? Does it matter?


Definitely super.


She later went on to star in the hit film, “Womb Raider.”


What happens if you push the red button?


When she kind of scares you but you think it’ll still be worth it…


Technically this could be a before and after shot.


Definitely a stripper.




I suddenly feel the urge to salute. The eyes, however, are a little scary. 


This girl’s not even trying.


No clue what’s going on here but she seems to have nailed it.


I bet she’s huge in Japan.


Kind of makes you wonder how she lost the eye…


Probably gets beamed up all the time.


Whatever this is from count me in.


If the “T” in Thor was silent.


What I was hoping Pokemon Go was going to be like.


I wonder if they affect her ability to fly…?


I think her armor is cold.


And now I’m strangely attracted to Dr. Manhattan.


Even their toys are hot.


Don’t. Turn. Around.


Aaaaannnddd then there’s this asshole.




Floyd Mayweather’s New Girlfriend Suffers Series Of Attacks From Conor McGregor’s Fans

July 24, 2017 Billy 0

It’s safe to say that the fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather is probably one of the most eagerly-anticipated sporting events ever planned. It’s one that fans of the two fighters have been clamouring for for years; the ultimate case of “who would win in a fight”, but for real. But on August 26, after months and months of insults, threats, and trash-talk, the two men will finally square off at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

With so much publicity surrounding the match, (as well as the fact that McGregor and Mayweather, both known for their technical skill and incredible braggadocio have harboured a grudge against one another for years), it was inevitable that their fans would get riled up. In any sporting even, it’s inevitable that fans will get overzealous. But now it seems like some more unruly bullies have taken things too far.

Abi Clarke has only recently been revealed by tabloids as the girlfriend of Mayweather. The 26-year-old former reality TV star has allegedly claimed that her “scars” and “broken heart” have been healed thanks to the 40-year-old pugilist. A source close to the couple told British tabloid newspaper The Sun: “Abi and Floyd really hit it off and she was blown away by his sense of humour and generosity.”

“She was in a fragile and vulnerable place and Floyd has made her feel confident again. Although she knew about his reputation as a party animal, she’s been pleasantly surprised and discovered he’s actually a really lovely guy.”

Yet the ex-TOWIE star has apparently come to learn the hard way that dating a boxer of Mayweather’s calibre bears with it some unwelcome perils. Clarke has reportedly been harassed by fans of Conor McGregor ahead of their scheduled fight, and the unwarranted abuse and harassment has been taking its toll on her mental and physical well-being.

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This Is The Real Reason Thrift Shops Smell So Weird

July 24, 2017 Billy 0

Thrift shopping is great, you can get some really nice clothes at some unbeatable prices. If you hit a good sale, you can pick up an array of vintage designer gear for way under the price of the newer stuff, and more often than not, the designs are much better.

While high end brands these days tend to use cheaper fabrics and cover everything with crystals and diamonds, their older rags tend to be much smarter; with clean, basic designs, or incredible patterns and color schemes that you just don’t see in today’s climate.

There’s no doubt that vintage clothing is booming right now. The 90s aesthetic of bold colours and experimental fabrics is back in a big way, and through Facebook fashion groups such as Wavey Garms and online shops like Homage Tees, it shows no signs of stopping. However, there is one downside of buying vintage clothing: the smell.

As much as these clothes are great and make us feel unbelievably cool (especially when it’s something particularly unique), the smell can be a nightmare. Even after countless washes, deodorant sprays and perfume douses, that musty smell still lingers, latching on for dear life and constantly making you second guess whether you should wear that silk Gucci Cuban shirt out for your date tonight (you definitely should, just so you know).

Unsurprisingly, many people cite the smell of vintage clothing as the reason they don’t end up buying from thrift shops often, and having found out why that smell exists in the first place, I might just do the same.

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‘Home Alone’ Actor John Heard Found Dead At Age 72

July 23, 2017 Billy 0

Beloved Home Alone actor John Heard has died at the age of 72.

TMZ reports that the star, perhaps best known for his role as Peter McCallister, the dad in the Home Alone movies, was found dead by a hotel maid on Friday in Palo Alto, California.

The cause of death still remains unknown at present, but the coroner is said to be investigating the issue.

According to “family sources”, police were called to the hotel after reports of a medical emergency, but Heard was pronounced dead on the scene.

The actor had reportedly had back surgery at Stanford Medical Center in the days before his death and was staying at a local Palo Alto hotel until he recovered.

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When You Are An Expert In Delivery Services

July 23, 2017 Billy 0

This guy showed off his extensive expertise in delivering packages from one address to another without wasting any time. He doesn’t even stop his car’s engine, rather he just throws the package onto the foot steps and buzzes off from the scene – now that’s some SWAG! On the contrary, I hope the package owner didn’t order any electronic product, then that would be disastrous!

3-Dimensional Tattoos That Look Way Too Real

July 23, 2017 Billy 0

The history of Tattoos ranges back to hundreds of years ago but the evolution of this craft has been nothing less than unbelievable. 3-Dimensional tattoos are one such recent phenomenon, that is way too awesome and deceives our eyes.

See this compilation of 3-D tattoos inked in the shape of animals, insects, abstracts, skeletons and various other designs, that look way too real and awesome.

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