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When The Makeover Artists Finishes With This 20-Year-Old Punk, She Looks Like A Different Person

February 20, 2018 Billy 0

We all have gone through some rather questionable phases in our lives, especially as we experiment and explore our own individual personality. But one person who took things to a whole new extreme is Mel Wildman, also known as Mel the Punk, who appeared on British television show, Snog, Marry, Avoid. 

The show, which is based on the schoolyard game of the same name, sees men and women with extreme styles undergo a ‘makeunder’ in order to make them more conventionally attractive to the general public, who then choose whether they’d marry, snog or avoid them.

It was here that the 20-year-old punk was stripped of her heavy makeup, ripped fishnet tights and beloved leather jacket. Instead, Wildman was clothed in a demure dress which made her look barely recognizable – in fact, her transformation was so dramatic that her mother, who admitted to feeling “ashamed” of her daughter’s appearance, burst into tears.

“Some people will look at her as though she’s scum,” said Mel’s mom, Jill before her daughter’s makeover. Mel corroborated this by adding: “I think my look is very intimidating. Everyone just, like, moves away.”

“I couldn’t care less what anyone says about me,” Mel added before she had her hair, makeup and clothes peeled away by the show’s production team.

Watch the video to see Mel’s incredible new look…


After being shown her new look, Mel is clearly taken aback. “I’ve never seen myself like this before. It’s like someone else is in the mirror. I feel like a lady,” she gushed. “I really like the hair. I love the dress! I feel sexy.”

However, in a later segment on the show Mel converts back to her old ways. Wearing a ’50s pin-up style red polka-dot dress, the 20-year-old admitted: “I like to be girly, but also punk. Usually, people would just like stare at me, and now everyone keeps wolf whistling at me now.”

“I’ve learned not to be as extreme as I was, I can always tone it down a bit. Instead of being grotty all the time, I can be pretty as well,” she added, although this would appear not to be the case for Mel has now completely reverted back to her former self.

“I just thought it was more comfortable. I didn’t feel comfortable or myself on the show,” she told the Daily Mail shortly after the show aired. “I liked the look, but I felt like I looked like my mother. I really liked the dress but I just felt so uncomfortable.”

Despite her sensational makeover, many flooded on to social media to support Mel’s unique look. “I hate it when they discourage their uniqueness,” wrote one user, while another echoed this sentiment by typing: “Hinting at people to look like what society wants us to look like. I feel like you should be able to dress however you please.”

What do you think? Do you like Mel’s look before, or after? Or both?!

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Jennifer Lawrence Announces Break From Acting To Focus On New Career Path

February 20, 2018 Billy 0

Pretty much everyone on the planet loves Jennifer Lawrence, whether it’s for her acting abilities, her down-to-earth persona or her undeniable beauty. The popular actress burst onto the acting scene in The Hunger Games trilogy, which began in 2012, and she dedicated several years of her life to playing Katniss Everdeen in the movies.

And although it was Silver Linings Playbook that earned her an Academy Award in 2012, her defining role is still the protagonist of the critically acclaimed dystopian sci-fi series.

Playing a fearless heroine whose main priority was to protect those in need did much to ensure Jennifer Lawrence was seen in the same light. Yes, whether Lawrence liked it or not, she was now a role model as far as the media was concerned.

Although it’s nearly been six years since the Oscar winner rose to international stardom, she is still very much seen as a great role model for young women and girls to look up to. And perhaps rightfully so, because as it turns out, Lawrence is planning to use 2018 to focus on doing good for the world. And she is taking some time away from Hollywood in order to accomplish her new goals.


You may recall that back in September of last year, she revealed in an interview with Savannah Guthrie on  NBC News’ Today Show, that she would be taking a break from Hollywood.

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Kylie Jenner Is Reportedly “Overwhelmed” And Struggling With Motherhood

February 19, 2018 Billy 0

Kylie Jenner has only been a mother for a little over two weeks and already she is having trouble. While becoming a first-time mom is difficult, usually the mothering instinct kicks in and new parents find the strength to really become hands-on.

Not Kylie! Sources close to her told Radar Online that she doesn’t know how to stop baby Stormi from crying and just hands her off to her nanny. Sources say Kylie has become preoccupied with losing the baby weight and has not become the hands-on mother she claimed she wanted to be.

To be fair, it doesn’t look like Kylie is getting much support from her family or baby daddy. The Kardashian family is always busy and now most of the siblings have babies of their own to look after. Plus, Travis Scott, little Stormi’s father, doesn’t seem to be pulling his weight.

A few days after giving birth, Kylie, who had mostly remained out of the spotlight during her pregnancy, shared a video titled “To Our Daughter” online, which documents much of her pregnancy and Stormi’s birth. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the video below:


Rumors spread that Kylie and Travis had split, but after a loved-up picture of the pair was posted to social media, rumors were put to rest. However, those close to Kylie say Travis isn’t ready to settle down and that his career always comes first, even over his family.

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People Reveal The Most Awkward Things To Happen To Them Whilst Getting It On

February 18, 2018 Billy 0

We’ve all had an awkward moment or two in the bedroom. Perhaps your dirty talk was more like silly talk, or maybe your partner suddenly got indigestion. Hey, these things happen.

But the stories shared below are far beyond a burp at the wrong moment or a come on that fell flat. Check them out. I guarantee you’ll feel a whole lot better about your most embarrassing bedroom fails. It surely can’t be as bad as some of these experiences!

1. The Nose Dive

“[My husband and I] were just getting intimate when I tried to make a quick position-change, as they do in the movies. While going on to do that, I ended up flipping off the bed and busting my nose open on the floor.”

2. A Hairy Situation

“With the best intentions of making the moment spicy, I began to kiss my husband from the lips making my way down. All of a sudden, when I was halfway, I started gagging because some of his chest hairs clogged in my throat. Therefore, to keep the momentum, I continued until the end, with all the gagging and swallowing of hair.”

3. No Milking

“My boyfriend clips open my bra when I was all sprawled upon him and about to ride. Soon after, he stops kissing and gazes at me smilingly and says ‘I know this is going to kill the mood… but I feel like I could milk your boobs right now.’”

Dating a geeky guy? Then number 4 will seem extra hilarious…

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Men Reveal The Strangest Things They’ve Ever Done To Their “Johnsons”

February 18, 2018 Billy 0

Boys will be boys, especially with their toys! It seems most guys have gotten a bit curious about their “Johnsons” from time to time and have, I’ll just say, “experimented” with them from time to time.

As always, Reddit never fails to provide and men have stepped up to offer the most bizarre and hilarious things they have ever done to their willies.

And we’ve provided you with the best 10 responses:

1.  Super Charged

“My brother in law got too drunk and shared his story one night. He got bored hanging out in the bathroom after a shower. He was staying with his parents at the time and really likes his alone time. Eventually, he grabbed the dangling phone charger off the sink and ‘plugged it into’ his pee hole.

“This was back when the Razor flip phone was popular and he had thought the weird shaped end was a perfect fit. The worst part? It was plugged into the wall. He electrocuted his wiener and screamed so loud his mom came running. He said it didn’t feel the same for a week.

“When the story ended literally no one said a word. My sister has never mentioned it once. I think of it maybe 1/10 times I see a charger.” (PiketheGSP)

2. Here Kitty…

“One time after I boned my girlfriend, I walked out to get a glass of water. As I passed my couch my cat swats at me and grazes my sack. So I bopped him on top his head with my half-chub to assert dominance. Probably that.” (FoxyGrampa)

“Dude… you tapped the wrong p**sy” (aquaticrna)

“Naw, he tapped both p**sies.” [deleted user]

The post Men Reveal The Strangest Things They’ve Ever Done To Their “Johnsons” appeared first on Viral Thread.

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