Can You Guess Your Korean Age?

“Well, I’m glad I’m in America.”

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Can You Guess Your Korean Age?

“Well, I’m glad I’m in America."

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Day In The Sun
Licensed via Audio Network


B/W 1800s/1900s montage of close up of firghtened men + women
Archive Films/Getty Images

WS Young people toast with beer glasses in a Japanese pub / Tokyo, Japan
Bronek Kaminski/Getty Images

MS Shot of Smiling Korean baby lying on stomach / Jeju, Jeju-do, South Korea
Multi-bits/Getty Images

Shot of a girl blowing a dandelion
Multi-bits/Getty Images

HD:Dragon Dance to Celebrating the Chinese New Year
Easy_Company/Getty Images

Bright connections moving around Earth. Japan and China. With city lights.
nmlfd/Getty Images

Law and justice concept
Zolnierek/Getty Images

firework display flag of south korea
HACK_CG/Getty Images

South Korean Flag
ersen_cira/Getty Images

Seoul City Night Shopping Area Timelapse. Dongdaemun shopping area with busy lightings, shoppers and traffics.
MEzairi/Getty Images

Seoul cityscape
Alex W Helin/Getty Images


New year’s day
Vstock LLC/Getty Images

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