Jennifer Aniston’s Reaction To “Nipplegate” On ‘Friends’ Is Everything

August 18, 2017 Billy 0

Friends may be over two decades old, but that hasn’t stopped us millennials from continuously watching reruns of it. The hit show’s without doubt one of the most renowned and best-loved TV series on Earth. It’s so compelling because each of the six main characters brings a different, comical personality to the table. And let’s not forget recurring characters like the pathetically lovestruck Gunther and the never-seen – but frequently talked about – “ugly naked guy” either.

As far as the female characters on the show go, Rachel garnered the most interest. She was the pretty runaway bride from the pilot episode who grew enormously throughout the series’ 10-year run, transforming from a godawful barista into an impressive career woman with her own assistant!

But there was always something else we noticed about Miss Rachel Green…

No matter what Rachel wore on the show, her nipples somehow always managed to make an appearance. None of us had any idea whether or not this was intentional. Were the producers carving the actress out to be the show’s heartthrob from the outset? Was it like Saved By The Bell‘s Kelly Kapowski being scripted to wear her skimpy cheerleading outfits at every given opportunity? Nipplegate started very early in the show’s history. Here’s Rachel in season one…

A little later in the series, Rachel was still baring her nipples. In fact, they were starting to get far more pronounced. Surely it couldn’t have been unintentional?!

Rachel is conveying so much emotion in the next still from one of the later episodes, but sadly all viewers could focus on was her perfectly pronounced nipples…

I think we were all struggling to work out why they were so visible, but her nipples were certainly are on point!

Jennifer Aniston has finally spoken out about this obsession with her nipples. But before we get to that, let’s read some of the best Tweets about nipplegate…

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Guy Crashes To Ground When Rope Swing Goes Wrong

August 18, 2017 Billy 0

Rope swings are always fun and may seem to be pretty simple while watching others doing it. This guy right here just thought so and decides to give it a try.

Poor guy swings as his friends count down to 0 and crash directly to the ground in full force. Remember, friend’s encouragement can’t always get you to the right side.

Terribly Terrible Things That Have No Going Back (22 Pics)

August 18, 2017 Billy 0

No matter how much you try, you simply cannot or will not be able to stop something as terribly terrible as these images depict below.

Feel the pain and sorrow of those who had to bear this pain and suffering and take a look at this compilation of images showing some of the most terrible things that can happen and will eventually happen.

BREAKING: Two Gunmen Feared To Be Holding Hostages In Barcelona Restaurant

August 17, 2017 Billy 0

At least one person has been confirmed dead and several critically injured after a truck drove down the busiest tourist street in Barcelona. Unconfirmed reports from several sources are saying the death toll could be as high as 13.

Local reports say the drivers(s) made off on foot after mowing down dozens of tourists and is thought to be holding numerous hostages at a nearby Turkish restaurant on Carrer Tallers, near to the popular Boqueria food market.

Other reports say the hostage-takers may not be those who drove the van earlier today though are presumed to be linked to them.

Local newspaper El Periodico is reporting that negotiations were still ongoing in the restaurant and that a number of ambulances were waiting outside.

A police Twitter statement said: “If you are if you are in the area of Plaça Catalunya in Barcelona stay where you are until the police says that you can get (out).”

La Rambla is one of the busiest tourist streets in Europe and the attack came at the height of the busy holiday season. Over 100 million people walk down the famous street each year, and it’s this high-volume of pedestrians that has people concerned the number of dead will rise.

Today’s attack is the deadliest in Spain since 2004, when militants placed bombs on commuter trains in Madrid, killing 191 people and wounding more than 1,800.

More to follow.

The post BREAKING: Two Gunmen Feared To Be Holding Hostages In Barcelona Restaurant appeared first on Viral Thread.

Tania Tare Is A Beer Pong Goddess

August 17, 2017 Billy 0

If you ever happen to meet Tania Tare and she challenges you to a game of beer pong, golf, or beer pong with golf clubs politely decline and walk away.  This girl is no joke with her trick shots.

Whether this video took six attempts or six hours, her skill set is still pretty damn impressive.


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